Imagine the far east of Russia.
Imagine a volcanic peninsula stretching into the Pacific Ocean.
Unlimited, untouched slopes covered in the snow of dreams.
That’s Kamchatka…

Come with us and discover this exceptional territory, this spectacular wilderness, where fjords and active volcanoes offer you up to 3000m of uninterrupted descent.
In the middle of geysers and thermal springs, on the edge of the north Pacific, you’ll leave your trace on this landscape where Man only passes through.

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Kamchatka is a legendary peninsula, situated at the extreme east of Siberia.
Sandwiched between the Okhotsk Sea to the west and the Bering Straits to the east, this vast region was for a long time a forbidden military zone, not marked on any maps.
Since the 1990’s it has been possible to access this 370,000km2 territory (two thirds the size of France) to find an unspoilt wilderness, designated a "World Heritage Site by UNESCO" in 1996.
Kamchatka is home to 10% of the planet’s volcanoes, some of which are extremely active.
At 4750m, the Klychevskaya volcano is the highest summit in Kamchatka and Siberia.
This unique natural reserve is also home to the biggest brown bears in the world. They are particularly fond of the thousands of salmon found in the rivers during their yearly migration.

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