Flight time

In contrast to other Heli-ski companies who base their flight time on the vertical metres skied, we prefer to base our calculations on actual flight time.
Not only is this method better for you, closer to the reality of the costs, but it also allows us freedom to adapt our programme depending on conditions, giving us the possibility to explore the best sites.
So a good day will give you 7000 to 10,000meters of vertical descent for around 2h30 of flight time !
The flight time allocated for each trip is based on the average number of hours used throughout each trip during the season.
If the weather conditions do not allow you to use all these hours, we will reimburse you for each hour unused.

In case of bad weather

If the helicopter is unable to take off due to bad weather, we can offer you the following activities :
• Ski touring or skiing in neighbouring resorts
• Dog sledding
• Ski-doo trips
• Swimming in the nearby thermal pools
• A visit to Petropavlovsk, its museums and markets
• Other outdoor activities available near by, include, sea kayaking, white water rafting etc.


You can expect your heli-skiing trip in Kamchata to be exceptional in all aspects.
With this goal in mind, our aim is to provide you with the best conditions throughout your trip, to give you total satisfaction and above all we guarantee you the highest level of safety.

Guide Support

Your safety and security is our first priority and we adapt ourselves to the specific conditions encountered in Kamchatka :
- a group of 12 clients maximum, accompanied by two High mountain Guides and one Russian Heli-guide all specialised in heli-skiing.
This allows us to ski in the mountains in small groups of comparative levels.
By having small groups of 4 skiers to one guide, we can provide a higher level of safety.
- each client is equipped with a transceiver, a shovel, a probe and an ABS - Airbag.
- all the security information you will need will be presented in a special 3 hour meeting at the hotel prior to setting out heli-skiing.

The helicopters

The helicopters we use are « MI-8 biturbine » the most popular model in the world, renowned for their power and reliability.
The helicopters that we use are chartered from a private company, Kamchatka Airlines, who guarantee the upkeep and maintenance of these helicopters in line with International standards.
The flight team, for this 20 passenger helicopter is made up of two pilots and a flight engineer.
Our pilots have many years experience flying in the mountains and have been working with us for many years.
They have proven their capabilities on numerous flights and have shown their aptitude for taking wise decisions in uncertain weather conditions.

Safety equipment

The guides carry a first aid kit and a satellite phone to contact the other guides and base. In the helicopter we also have :
- Evacuation equipment
- Safety equipment (straps, neck braces, stretchers)
- A medical kit
- Extra transceivers, probes and shovels