The hotel will be decided depending on availabilities when you will book the trip. Krasnaya Polyana offers of an extensive range of accommodation with about sixty hotels and a total of more 19,000 beds. Most hotels are HHHH, mixing traditional Russian footprint and contemporary amenities. The level of infrastructures’ comfort matches with European standards and classic services are offered: WIFI access, swimming pool, hammam, sauna, gym...


Hidden in the heart of old pine trees, a stately and imposing stone house will welcome you. This is actually one of the datcha (secondary residence) owned by the first president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev. The rooms are spacious and the decoration luxurious. A quaint place emerges and we can feel the spirit of the Soviet elite in every corner...
It is located 2 km to Arkhyz village in a big parc, at 1455 m of altitude. Four spacious suite, each with its own bathroom with the hight Soviet-style. At the hotel, you can enjoy as a restaurant, sauna and billiard room.


The long days of skiing will whet your appetite to satisfy your hunger, Krasnaya Polyana has a multitude of cafes and restaurants. Each place is peculiar, but most establishments are amazing, offering dishes cooked with great care. Whether you want to enjoy the real Russian borsch, treat yourself to an Italian pizza or enjoy a French croissant at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, you will find your happiness!