History of a legend...

LThe Caucasus range stretches nearly 1,000 km across Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan and marks the boundary between Europe and Asia. To the west is the Black Sea and to the east the Caspian Sea.

This year we invite You to discover our new favorite destination, in North Ossetia. So let's go to the north (We are going north, to the small village…), near the small village of Fiagdon and meet with "the giant" : Mount Kazbeg.

With its 5033 meters, it is one of the most impressive peaks of the Caucasus. Mythology says that the Titan Prometheus would be chained to a rock here and then punished by the god Zeus for donating fire to humans.

Ski between heaven and earth.

The Caucasus, very wild territory offers mountain landscapes of exceptional beauty : glaciers, peaks and fabulous natural topography makes it a  heavenly place for heli-ski lovers.

The proximity of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea favors the snow conditions with a considerable snow coverage for being at this latitude.

Dates 2017

On request for private group.

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